part 2

color code: white = undone single pink = pinkerton red = el scorcho single yellow = goodlife single green = on a soundtrack orange = unavailable commercially
07/03/94 | dgc rarities released (with 'jamie')

midsummer 94 | studio session

the two day session produced these songs:

  • mykel & carli

  • susanne (the undone single version)

  • my evaline

    mykel & carli was intended for a track on the blue album, but was never fully finished during the fall '93 new york city 'blue album'sessions.

    08/94 | 'undone' video premiers

    09/07/94| 'undone' is released

    09/09/94| minneapolis, mn. concert (rock candy bootleg cd)

    fall 1994| tired of sex written

    t.o.s. was written at this time (played it on 9/09). karl remembers rivers playing a demo for him around christmas 94, it was really slow, and sad. want the full story on this? click here

    fall 1994 | 'wanda' recorded

    'wanda' was recorded in 'the garage' in l.a. by just rivers (not the whole band). it was written for the movie soundtrack 'angus'and from the characters perspective in the book (that the movie was based on). unfortunately, the movie decided not to use it, and it hasn't been released at this point. rivers did perform it on 11/27/98, at one of his solo shows in boston (available on a widely traded bootleg). learn more about wanda here.

    12/11/94| kroq radio . los angeles, ca.

    setlist: buddy holly / jamie / no one else / undone/ surf wax america

    12(?)/94| modern rock live, performed 'undone' and 'buddy holly' acoustic.

    02/02/95| 'buddy holly' single released

    07/13/95|'say it ain't so" single released

    Summer 95| bearsville studio sessions . woodstock, ny

    'you gave your love to me softly' was recorded in woodstock, ny, at bearsville studio in an old church on a country road. this is the verison found on the 'angus' soundtrack.
    "rivers was so doped up and in pain from the leg surgery, that he really didnt like how the song came out that first time, but the soundtrack demanded the best they could do at the time." - karl

    08/95| electric ladyland studios . new york city

    an early pinkerton recording session which produced many tracks and b-sides:

  • tired of sex

  • getchoo

  • why bother

  • susanne (redone for the 'mallrats' soundtrack)

  • you gave your love to me softly (version found on the 'el scorcho' single)

  • devotion

  • long time sunshine

    'long time sunshine' was originally supposed to be the closer on pinkerton (at this time, 'butterfly' had yet to be written). "its slow and sad..its basically a call to escape the rock life and go live on a farm, and sadness cos rock is here to stay. piano, (and) even oboe on the demo."-karl
    "sometimes i wanna pack it all up, leave the city and move to vermont"-from 'long time sunshine'

    09/07/95| mtv music awards

    09/95| fort apache studios . boston

  • tired of sex

  • getchoo

  • waiting on you

    the band worked on 'tired of sex' and 'getchoo' again, while recording the 'waiting on you' from the good life single

    10/17/95| mallrats soundtrack released w/'susanne'

    11/95| angus soundtrack released w/'you gave your love to me softly'

    end of part 2

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