the writing of tired of sex

tired of sex was written almost before rivers was even famous,
like fall 94. i Remember him playing me a demo of it like xmas 94,
it was really slow, and like sad, not aggressive. at the time he
was fairly monogamous with one main girl and perhaps one or two
others on occasion. the impression i got was that he was indeed
searching for love, but he and the chick(s) really got on well in the
physical way , so he kept getting tempted back to the, uh... 'darkside'.
......... by the time pinkerton came out he went through like 20 more
phases and was getting into the "time to party down" phase, which seems
to have peaked during the summer 97 pinkerton tour that all these girls
'horror' stories seem to stem from.......... hence the irony: singing
that song, but not at all actually "tired of it". and the seeming contradiction