my evaline

in '93 the guys were going to a vocal coach, and practicing
barbershop stuff on the side, because its an excellent tool for
learning to sing harmonies (despite the goofy ol' lyrics from back
in the {OLD} day). my avaline was one of many done at that time.
both p.wilson and i traded off randomly for the role of "fourth guy"
in the quartet. it was actually pretty fun. yeah, riv did do it in
high school, which is probably why he suggested doing it in practices.
it was recorded (wilson as the 4th guy of course) kind of as a joke,
and it came off pretty well, so it was saved. all agreed it would be
sorta funny to put it on a single. the mystery is why it only went on
the Australian one. i guess the UK geffen folks saw the earlier-released
Australian version and were like "we need to be more serious here in
england". and the other "import" countries then followed suit to the UK
style (as is often the case for foreign releases of US stuff)