In spring and summer of 1999,  what has become known as "the kitchen tape" started circulating in internet trade circles.   Before then, its exsitence was relatively unknown and was, apparently hoarded.   Although claiming to be the kitchen tape, it is in fact, only part of the demo that came to be known as 'the kitchen tape'.  The circulating bootleg,  features at least three of the kitchen tape songs, but some may stem from the recording session done during november of 1992 (see the chornology).   (for example, 'undone' on the bootleg has been identified as the 11/92 sessions version).
    The actual kitchen tape was recorded in the summer of 1992, on an eight track at the amherst house. This is where karl, rivers and matt along with others lived on and off in 91-94.  It would also become the future location for the  video for 'say it aint so'.   It became known as 'the kitchen tape' among the band  because the drums were recorded in the kitchen , adjacent to the garage.

    The kitchen tape offers three songs which for a variety of reasons, the band never recorded after this point.  'Let's so our pants together' offers weird (yet poinent) lyrics, and has a 'blue album' vibe to it.  'Theif, you've taken all that was me' is a classic weezer, that was erroneously known by bootleggers as 'silent dreams'.  Finally, 'Paperface' is fast-paced and sounds a bit like the pixies. A great song, but far different than the direction rivers' songwriting was going at the time. All in all, eight songs were recorded:

(not in any order)

  •  let's sew our pants together
  •  the world has turned and left me here
  •  thief, you've taken all that was me' (aka 'silent dreams')
  •  my name is jonas
  •  say it aint so
  •  paperface
  •  undone
  •  only in dreams
  •     Karl Koch said the demo was made to get shows and to "make an impression".  He estimated that only about 10 copies were made back at the time of recording, and has no idea how it got leaked into trading circles.  Currently, the blue dotted songs are still available on a freedrive account. The quality, isn't top-notch, but it still isn't too bad.

        The kitchen tape, once the holy grail of weezer bootlegs, is now a rather common commidity on the market and on napster.  Although, it isn't fully intact,  what is there offers an amazing look at weezer during its early stages.

     also see the chronology for more info on other early demos the band did.

    special thanks to Karl for all the information.
    If you have any corrections or information on the kitchen tape or other demo sessions please email me.

    neil lewis, july 1999. edited and updated septemeber 2000
     all rights reserved, 1999.