At its inception, this was the best place for information on early demos, dead songs and recording sessions. however, karl has put this little chronology to shame(thankfully), with his recording sessions guide. however, this is less over-powering, and still holds information not anywhere else.
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02/14/92| weezer practices for the first time

03/19/92| weezer's 1st show in hollywood @raji's


first demo made with 3 songs:

  • 'thief, youve taken all that was me'

  • 'lets sew our pants together'

  • 'the world has turned and left me here'

    the 3 songs were recorded pretty badly. a few copies were made and given to clubs to get shows booked. made in "the garage" at the amherst house.

    04/07/92| 8121 (acoustic show)

    07/09/92| mykel and carli's first show - club dump

    summer, 1992|"the kitchen tape" demo made (traded as 'the demos') see the link for more info..

    08/92| 'no one else' written, and in effect causing some songs' death (i.e., 'paperface', 'lets sew..')

    11/92| weezer goes to the studio

  • my name is jonas

  • no one else

  • the world has turned and left me here

  • undone (with karl's samples included)

  • surfwax america (unfinished and only put on a 'handful' tapes)

    this is what karl had to say about this studio session:

    "this was recorded at a cheesy little 16 track studio in hollywood, actually a garage converted at some dudes house. John Pikeus recorded it, he was in El Magnifico and Campfire Girls. they made 3 different pressings, pressing #1 had light blue labels, #2 had green, #3 had yellow. these were sent to record labels, lawyers, clubs, producers, etc. about 300 were made of them."

    01/19/93| 1st show w/ that dog @ ghengis cohen

    04/93 | LMU Sessions

    recorded the version of 'jamie' on a 2-track that ended up on 'dgc rarites: vol 1'. also worked on "my name is jonas", and "lullaby for wayne", a song written by pat and rivers and very similar to surfwax america, (also co-written by pat and rivers) because of its likeness, it wasn't played after awhile and remains a 'dead' song. see lyrics section for, well, the lyrics.

    05/24/93| jabberjaw (w/sloan)

    06/14(?)/93| dgc signs weezer

    08/01/93| jason cropper's last show @ the roxy

    09/93| jason cropper leaves the band, brian bell joins

    09/93| 'i swear its true' and 'getting up and leaving' are written, but not recorded until the soundcity recording sessions in june of 1996

    09/93| weezer starts recording debut CD at electric ladyland studios . new york city

    05/10/94| 'weezer' is released

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