the future of a b-side and unreleased album

IMHO, an official b-sides CD is very likely, but not till well after the fabled 3rd CD is released. Such a CD would only include songs and versions of songs most of you are already familiar with. (you know: all the official b-sides and live versions from import cd's.) plus i'd imagine, the possible b-sides of any future weezer singles from the 3rd CD.

If i have any say on the matter at the time , I will definitely voice my "insider/outsider" opinion to those in charge, and plead the case for including "i swear its true" and "getting up and leaving" (the never released 'pink triangle' b-sides. because they were almost finished anyway.) obviously this would boost sales, because these are particularly hard (impossible) to get, and fans who want it all would want it ALL. (i was this way about plenty of bands, i know the feeling) . And of course to make a nice package with never seen photos and stuff, so its not lame.

as far as all the rare demo type stuff, you guys have no idea how much of this there is. i literally have piles of this stuff. but its always been a sensitive issue, particularly for rivers, he feels demos and stuff are half-assed and embarrassing. Even the 'jaime' from rarities was debated by rivers, he was worried that it sounded too rough. you know, that whole perfectionist thing. so i strongly doubt theyll put me on a "weezer anthology' project anytime soon, though id gladly do it and have 98% of the material needed to pull it off.