Rock On, London

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i am changing my first findings of maladroit.

its like a tuesday.

i mean, you are glad its not monday, but friday seems far away.

and that's the album really...just kinda there. its hummable. it has its moments. and some of the tracks sound great in concert.

but after a year plus of owning the record, it shifts around from my room in stack of cd's, somewhere in my abyss that is my truck, to its cd sleeve home, but rarely do i listen to it all the much. every now and then i hanker for some green album... but hey, thats just me.

let me say this, it does rock. although slave sounds too fast, i still think its a great tune. but the after taste just doesnt do it for me.

i dunno, maybe ive just read too much anti-maladroit. stuff to know any better... maybe i got older and more cynical to enjoy it. i still long for something better from rivers and the gang. heres to hoping the next album will get the band back on track. i look forward to hearing it....

2.5 out of Five Stars

handy dandy weezer reference guide:

Green: 3

2000 summer songs: 3

homie: 3.6

pre 2000 bsides: 4.5

Pinkerton: 5

Blue: 5