Rare and interesting Information from Karl

the "karl faq" is the best name i could come up with for this section. its not really a "faq". Most of the answers are directly from, half-man half-amazing, karl koch (apologies to kenny smith) when he posted in the weezer newsgroup, a long time ago. they are posted with his permission. i've also noticed some people take information from here (and other parts of the website) for their owm pages, please ask first and give credit!

whats the story behind my evaline?

what were the samples that were supposed to be used for the sweater song?

who is weepel?

who is suzanne?

wasn't wanda supposed to be on the angus soundtrack?

the writing of tired of sex

the pinkerton "sound" or vision

who the hell is in homie and who performs on "american girls"?

the future of a 3rd album and/or b-sides album

why was "my best friends are gone" recorded?